This is the last week for the known future that CFB will be offering coached classes. In honor of what we as a gym have accomplished the past year plus, and all the hard work your coaches have volunteered, we've given them each a day this week to program a WOD to say thank you. Enjoy and suffer with excellence and heart!




Power Clean Unbroken


*Heavy as possible



METCON-"Get Hammered"


100m Sledge Hammer Run

80x Jump Back and Forth over Sledge Hammer (over and back=1)

60x Tire Strikes with Sledge Hammer

40x Sledge Hammer Squats

20x Turkish Sledge Hammer Get Ups

10x Dizzy Bats ("sledge hammer") Spins (forehead and hands on top of sledg, 10 full circles)


WEDNESDAY:"JC's Poker Face"

Deck of Cards

Spades= Burpees

Clubs= Tire Flips

Hearts= WBS (20/14)

Diamonds= G2OH plate (45/25)

1st Joker= 200m Farmer's Carry (55/35)

2nd Joker= 200m OH Carry with Plate (45/25)


FRIDAY: "TylerJack" for Time

800m Run

15x Power Snach (115/85)

400m Run

15x C2B Pull Ups

200m Chuck Carry (80/60)

15x Inverted Burpees


100x DU (2:1 SU)

12x Power Snatch (115/85)

12x C2B Pull Ups

12x Inverted Burpees

100x DU (2:1 SU)


9x Power Snatch (115/85)

200m Chuck Carry

9x C2B Pull Ups

400m Run

9x Inverted Burpees

800m Run