Tis the season! :-)

Tis the season! :-)


Moby Squats
-To the Moby Song "Flower" follow the lyrics, "Bring Sally Up"- come up from squat, "Bring Sally Down" go to bottom of squat and hold until he says "Bring Sally Up" again.
- Use barbell
- weight is athlete's choice

Record weight

0:00-5:00 Burpee DB C&J (35/20) 
5:00-9:00 Ab Mat Situps
9:00-12:00 Box Jumps (24/20)
12:00-14:00 Pull Ups
14:00-15:00 SDHP (2/1.5)

Record Total Reps



Speed and Explosiveness Work:
10x 100m Sprint
5x Power Skip 50 feet (Focus on UP not as much forward)
25x Box Jumps (not max but TALL)

8x OHS 95/65
12x DL 95/65
16x Push Ups
8x OHS 105/75
12x DL 105/75
16x Push Ups
8x OHS 125/85
12x DL 125/85
16x Push Ups
8x OHS 135/95
12x DL 135/95
16x Push Ups

Record Time



BUDDY WOD-10,000lbs for time
5,000 lbs Total of Squat and/or DL
5,000 lbs Total Ground to Overhead (Mvmt is Athletes' Choice)

THEN 800m RUN together

- 1 Buddy Works at a time
- 1 Bar per team
- Switch as needed
- Weight on bar is athlete's choice (and can be changed  between athletes)
- Goal is to move the weight as quickly (and safely!) as possible
- Score is time for completion

Example: Buddy A does 10 DL at 200# (=2000#), Buddy B does 10 Squats at 200# (=2000#), Then Buddy A does 5 Squats at 200# (=1000# Total is then 5000#) THEN Buddy B does 10 C&J at 100# (=1000#) Buddy A does 10 Snatch at 100# (=1000#) Buddy B does 20 Snatch at 100# (=2000#) Buddy A does 10x C&J at 100# (=1000# Total is then 5000=) THEN 800m Run together

Record Time