Monday 160104

80m Gobblet Carry 1.5/1.0
40m Rt, OH KB carry 1.5/1.0
40m Lt, OH KB carry 1.5/1.0
80m Farmer's carry pair of 1.5/1.0

May use KBs or DBs
10 tiles=20m
Down & Back=40m
2x Down & Backs=80m

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Tuesday 160105

Skills with Marcie

Wednesday 160106

20 Deadlifts 75/55
1 Rope climb
15 Thruster 75/55
2 Rope climbs
10 Snatches 75/55
3 Rope climbs

Post time.  
MUST have complete and adequate leg protection to climb off the floor.  PLEASE bring YOUR OWN (Boots/long pants/tape/vet wrap/kevlar sleeves,solid shoes/etc.)! Thanks bunches, DJ

Thursday 160107

Establish your 1-rep-max deadlift

Then, with a barbell loaded to 50 percent of your max deadlift:
15 cleans for time
12 cleans for time
9 cleans for time
Rest as needed between each set. 

Post your max deadlift load and times for each set of cleans to comments.

Friday 160108

Buddy WOD
last PM Class is 5:30

6 RFT, One buddy working at a time except for the row when the second buddy will hold a pushup plank.
500m Row/Plank
30 KBS 1.5/1.0
30 Box jumps 24/20

Post time.

Foundations Class 6:30-8:30pm

Saturday 160109

Open gym 8:30-11am
Foundations Class 9-11am