Monday WOD

5 rounds for time of:

400m run Or 500m row

15x Thruster 95/65

Post time to comments.



Skills with Marcie


Wednesday WOD

3 rounds for time of:

50 squats

40 back extensions (1 sec hold supermen)

30 push-ups

Post time to comments.


Thursday WOD

Work up to 5RM Deadlift

Complete a total of 3 sets at that load, max reps. 

(may sub Wendler for strength WOD today if you are using that programming)

Skill work:  20X 10 sec intense Plank hold with 10 sec rest.  Then 20x 10sec max effort single unders.

Post 5RM to board.


Friday WOD

AMRAP 16 minutes

1 Round=3 sets of this triplet followed with a 200m run.

5x Burpees

7x T2B

11x KBS 1.5/1.0

Post the number of Rounds completed.