• HenHub: Travel WODs! But this WOD generator is great for all types.  It also includes a mobility generator if you're looking to stretch and work specific parts of your body.
  • WOD Drive: Another great WOD generator


Books, Gear, and Apparel

  • Sport Journals: Keep a log of your WODs, nutrition, daily activity, etc.
  • Rogue Fitness: A premier supplier of gear and equipment for fitness facilities
  • Deitch Grips: Or you can visit this site and purchase grips that will save you time and tape
  • Barbell Apparel: For those of you that struggle to find the perfect jeans for your amazingly fit lower half :)

Fitness Sites that Rock!

  • CrossFit; Forging Elite Athletes: The motherland.  This is the main page for CrossFit and all that we do.
  • CrossFit Journal: The ultimate news source for all things CrossFit
  • Ringtraining.com: Gymnastics ring training training for elite fitness training.  Provides articles, workouts, and training tips specifically for use with gymnastics rings.
  • StrongSwiftDurable: Training resources geared toward mountain athletes, military athletes, law enforcement athletes, and fire and rescue athletes
  • Body Weight Culture: A program cultivating the art of using nothing more than your body weight to better your fitness
  • Gymnasticsbody: Offers different programs for purchase in order to improve your gymnastics skills and strength
  • Beastskills: Tutorials and products for improving your game, especially in relation to body weight skills
  • Fatal Fitness: "Our motto is Simplicity and Hard Work."
  • Dragon Door: Commercial, but good articles and whatnot
  • Taping Techniques: Just a good blog post on how to tape your hands in the absence of gloves or wraps