I’d rather do burpees than math.
— as interpreted by DJ

Age: 67
Height: 5' 8"
Years at CFB: 4
Nutrition: none

Reason you started CF: Lost 100 lbs needed to get fit

Reason you're still doing CF: Like the youth, no fashion show w.o. gear

Biggest positive effect of CFB on your life: Still alive

Important goals you've reached: Still here

Future Goals: unaided pull-up

Favorite WOD or WOD Element: Deck of Cards

Least Favorite WOD or WOD Element: 

Favorite Music/Band: Led Zepplin

Bio: 67 year old retired.  That's about it! 

Well, as coach, I get to add some info to Tom's rather typically understated Bio.  First I will say that Tom has been a committed member of CFB for many years.  I still remember his first day when Abmat situps were a huge challenge and running a 200m run was impossible.  Since then, he has completed several Spartan Races, 5k road races, and countless WODs here in our box.  Tom will not like this said of himself, but I am happy to assign him the hounour of being our first "Featured Athlete" as we celebrate our very special CrossFitBrevard community and some very awesome Athletes.  Keep up the great work Tom!! 

- Coach John