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Quentin "Q" Nicholson

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— Jonathan L.

Age: 22
Height: 6' 2"
Years at CFB: 2 1/2
Nutrition: yes!

Reason you started CF: A buddy ran with me once and said I needed to, "get my butt in CrossFit."

Reason you're still doing CF: The community is incredible.  I could/do come just to hang out for hours at a time.  And that community has pushed me to a complete lifestyle transformation.

Biggest positive effect of CFB on your life: It gives me the ability & confidence to do things that people say a man that is 6'2" 250 lbs shouldn't be doing.

Important goals you've reached: I've reached the point of confidence.

Future Goals: Become a coach & open my own box

Favorite WOD or WOD Element: Definitely Grace.  30 clean and jerks.  It's red line the whole way.  Game time baby.

Least Favorite WOD or WOD Element: pull-ups and burpees.  Not made for us big people.

Favorite Music/Band: As long as it's fast paced I like it.

Bio:  As a kid I was really athletic.  But in middle school & high school I gained a lot of weight.  I got made fun of and picked on for it.  I was always the slowest guy on the team.  After high school I discovered my love for running.  It helped, but CrossFit is where it all changed.  I went from being the slowest to the fastest, the made-fun-of to the respected.  And because of the environment that this gym provides I will never stop.